Indoor canopies

Enjoy your exteriors with our interior canopies

Do you want to install an interior canopy? GFF is a company specializing in the manufacture and installation of custom interior canopies! Modern and stylish, the indoor canopy has many advantages to improve your comfort. Contact our team for any request for a free quote!

Metalwork at the service of your interior decoration

GFF (Giraudo Frédéric Ferronnerie) puts its know-how at your service for any interior glass roof construction.

As part of a construction or renovation, our team operates throughout the Alpes-Maritimes for the installation and fixing of this unique work, in a style that is both industrial and bohemian.

The canopy was initially used to partition artists’ studios. These large spaces then bathed in natural light, thanks to an optimal interior glazing system.

Large windows then made it possible to separate the spaces while giving the impression of an enlargement. For good reason, the brightness passes through all the rooms and provides optimal clarity!

Since then, the interior canopy has been invited into homes, and often makes the front page of interior decoration magazines.

Steel canopies or aluminum canopies, GFF offers you the realization of trendy canopies. The artisanal manufacturing allows you to benefit from a tailor-made service, and a work of quality, aesthetic and durable.

verrière intérieure

Realization of custom-made interior canopy in Biot

Whatever your interior decoration project, GFF brings your desires to life! There are different types of canopies for this:
  • The simple interior canopy: this is the most common type of canopy. The glazing is held by uprights that frame the glazed partitions. The latter are placed vertically, and can be fixed on a kitchen counter or on a low wall to separate two living rooms.
  • The interior canopy with transoms: it is a simple type of canopy which is completed by a horizontal metal transom located on the upper part. The canopy with transoms can also be installed on all supports.
  • The interior canopy with basement: this installation technique is also called “partial” because the glazing occupies only 2⁄3 of the partitioning. The lower part of the canopy (the base) is made of solid material (concrete, plaster, brick) on which the glazing will rest. It is therefore possible to integrate an interior window door, to facilitate passage between rooms.
  • The complex interior canopy: this type of canopy requires a tailor-made technique, depending on the constraints of your home. It can be a sloping ceiling, a high ceiling or even an attic space. A long-time ironworker, GFF offers you its services for any custom-made, original canopy, in the dimensions and style you want!

The interior canopy: design and contemporary glazing

to ventilate rooms without reducing spaces

The interior canopy is appreciated for the natural light that can spread throughout your interior.

A glass roof between the living room and the bedroom, between the living room and the kitchen, between the bedroom and the bathroom… The possibilities are endless and the styles of glass roofs are endless.

Bringing a strong character to your interior decoration, this type of installation makes it an asset that can bring you real estate added value in the context of resale or rental.

Games of shadows and light, the patterns on the glazing of an interior glass roof finally make it possible to modulate the effects for an ever more designer style!

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our achievements and to obtain your free quote!